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It seems as though the bulk of the posts on this site are from one specific person with some sort of axe to grind against Burell Built Construction. I just thought I would take a moment and author a post based upon our experiences over the past couple years.

We first contacted Corey Burell for an estimate on replacing our hail damaged roof. His estimate was extremely detailed, very thorough and professional. His bid was not the lowest, but his company is ultimately the one we chose to do the work because of his attention to detail and quality of materials used. At the last minute, before starting work, we asked Corey for some information on skylights and installation. He was very helpful in contacting our preferred skylight manufacturer and getting us a very reasonable deal on materials. Corey's charge for the skylight installation was very fair and the work was completed promptly and without delay when our roof and gutters were installed at our duplex.

We were so impressed with the quality of workmanship, that we asked Corey to add some storage space to our attic . . . a job he quickly completed just as the roof and skylight installation was finishing.

Several months later, our duplex neighbor had a plumbing issue which caused damage to our shared wall. One call to BurellBuilt and Corey dispatched a team out to take a look at the issue and see that the repairs on our side of the wall were completed and our home was safe. His team took great care in moving our belongings away from the damaged area, completing the repairs and repainting the wall prior to replacing our belongings and completely cleaning up the area.

Mr. Burell and his employees have been consistently conscientious and a true pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to contact Corey for any type of construction project I may need as he has taken great care to ensure that work was completed timely and to our complete satisfaction each and every time. I have told Mr. Burell that he is welcome to use us as a reference and I would encourage any prospective client to take the time to seek references and inspect the quality of workmanship completed by BurellBuilt.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Honesty and integrity, Excellent job, Timeliness of work completed, Quality.

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Had a good job that Nathan was over. He is awesome


Sounds like the owner of the company wrote this review

Ooltewah, Tennessee, United States #968127

Burell Built exploited a widow. There is a constant and reoccurring theme throughout the Bible.

Do not take advantage of widows and orphans. Burell Built eats on a dead man's money.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #950711

No mention of working with your insurance company. Also, you mention a plumbing issue that caused damage to a shared wall in your duplex. How can repairs only be made to your side of a shared wall????????

to Has ***cerns #967798

I am the poster of the original review. An insurance claim was not filed in this instance because the damage amount did not meet our deductible AND because our duplex neighbor reimbursed us fully for all expenses as a result of his plumbing leak.

Mr. Burell's team made the repairs on OUR side of the wall as the owner on the other side had his own contractor doing work on their side . . .

quite simply, we trusted Mr.

Burell based on our prior experience with his quality of work. If you fail to understand how repairs can be completed on a shared wall of a duplex, you are simply ignorant in building construction on a duplex.


Burell Built was run by à criminally vindictive man. Burell Built takes advantage of the weak. This man is back again in prison and that is good


Burell Built failed this homeowner miserably. Why not tell them to contact their insurance company and represent them in getting the hail damaged roof covered.

Hail is covered under insurance. They also call themselves Burell Built Exteriors, yet are doing painting and plumbing. Why did the owner of the duplex not send Burell Built over to the tenant's side to repair the damage. That is a landlords responsibility.

Sounds like this review is bogus.

to roofer #967796

I am the original poster and can tell you that we purchased the home with the hail damage pre-existing, hence insurance did not come into play due to policy coverage in effect for the prior owner and their delayed reporting of the damage, which was neither our issue nor concern. -- Additionally, there was no landlord issue here as each side of this duplex is individually and independently owned and occupied.

Interesting that you choose to make assumptions in an effort to besmirch Mr. Burell's good name and reputation. My original review of this company is unchanged.

This gentleman and his company have happily and promptly come to our assistance anytime we've called.

Ooltewah, Tennessee, United States #939018

Thanks for all the information regarding Corey and his company. I am needing a new roof and do not know who to call.

Since you agreed to provide a reference, would you kindly provide the address of your duplex so that we may drive by. Thanks!

to looking for ***tractor #967799

I apologize for not seeing this review earlier. If you are still in need of roofing services, please feel free to contact me by email at gcmcadams@hushmail.com.

Alternatively, please contact Corey Burell directly at 423.702.4042 and ask him to drive you to the duplex in Ooltewah where he installed a roof and skylights and also did repairs inside the garage.

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